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StoneTech® Care Products

Prestige SurfaceWorks is committed to using only the best available products on your countertops. We suggest using Dupont™ StoneTech® Professional products to maintain the original beauty and luster of your stone surfaces.


Dupont™ StoneTech® Professional Bullet Proof® Sealer preserves the natural look and color of the surface. It provides a microbond protection and will prevent most stains from setting. If you desire an “enhanced” look, we suggest using Dupont™ StoneTech® Professional Enhancer. This enhancing sealer deepens color tones while providing the same sealing power as Bullet Proof®.


Using Dupont™ StoneTech® Professional Revitalizer® Cleaner and Protector in conjunction with StoneTech® Professional sealers further protects your investment. StoneTech® Professional cleaners will not harm or dissolve sealers but also adds a layer of protection every time it is used, yet it is gentle enough to be used as an everyday cleaner.

Featured Testimonial

Prestige Granite did an outstanding job! I was amazed how helpful they were from the beginning to end. They answered every question we had so we never felt like we were left in the dark. We have our dream kitchen thanks to them. I would recommend Prestige to anyone who is looking for high quality work, and a friendly professional company to do it.


Mark and Kathryn, Fresno, CA